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4 Best Plastic Chicken Coops for Beginners

What’s great about plastic chicken coops is that they are lightweight, easy to clean, and perfect for beginners.

They can make a great starter option for anybody who doesn’t have a lot of time, or the DIY skills to build the perfect chicken coop.

So in this article, I’ll walk you through four of the best options on the market and discuss their pros and cons.

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SnapLock Large Chicken Coop by Formex

(Most Spacious for Chickens)


  • Capacity: Max 10 Adult Chickens or 20 Bantams
  • Weight: 65lbs
  • Roost Bars: Yes, 3 bars with each 36″ long
  • Nesting Boxes: Yes, 4 (two on each side)
  • Dimensions when Assembled: 64″x39″x42″
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If you’re looking for the de-facto plastic chicken coop to hold a sizable backyard flock, the SnapLock large chicken coop is one of the best options.

Coop Space

Unlike other measly chicken coops, it’s got a decent amount of space for adult chickens. From what I can tell, the total square footage of the inside is about 16 to 21 sq. ft.

All this, coupled with the three roost bars (on adjustable height levels), and four nesting boxes, will ensure you have enough space to hold 8-10 adult chickens safely.

Build Quality

The all-out plastic material, despite being somewhat flimsy, is durable enough to deter predators and keep your flock safe from the rain, heat, and cold.

The plastic can bend, deform and even break apart in a worse-case scenario. However, as long as you set it up patiently and don’t suffer extreme temperatures or anything falling onto the coop (say a tree trunk or a coconut), it should hold up.

Easy to Clean

The SnapLock large chicken coop is definitely one of the more “easier to clean” plastic chicken coops out there.

It’s got six plastic trays on the base (including the nesting boxes) that make it easier for you to remove the bedding, chicken poop, and feathers with ease.

You can then deep clean the trays and the rest of the coop, and replace the trays with some fresh layer of bedding.

Alternatively, you can stuff more bedding on top and just call it the “deep litter method.”

The Simple Stages of Cleaning a SnapLock Large Chicken Coop


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to Install; a rubber mallet and an extra hour is all you need
  • Enough space for 6-10 adult chickens
  • Adjustable roost bars
  • 4 Nesting boxes with removable trays
  • Liftable Roof
  • Easy to Clean Base with Removable Trays
  • Spring-loaded door


  • Long-term users have complained that the plastic tends to warp over time and during extreme temperature changes
  • The plastic material is not very sturdy and tends to deform easily (especially during initial setup)
  • The base can be slippery for chickens
  • The vents don’t do a good job of keeping the inside dry and breathable
  • It needs a custom base to lift it off the ground
  • Base can wobble or deform when placed on uneven ground

Formex also sells a “standard” version of this plastic coop, which only fits 2-3 chickens on their website. Check it out here.

ecoFLEX Fontana Jumbo Chicken Barn

(Easiest to Set Up)


  • Capacity: 6-8 adult hens or 10-15 Bantams
  • Weight: Approx 101lbs
  • Roost Bars: Yes, 1
  • Nesting Boxes: Yes, 3
  • Dimensions when Assembled: 54.1″x46.3″x40.1″

With a roomy design, the ecoFLEX Fontana is definitely a step up. It’s made out of a durable plastic material that’s easy to clean and doesn’t absorb any of the bad smell left by your feathery friends.

Space and Construction

Compared to most of the other plastic chicken coops on my list, the ecoFLEX Fontana is a run-of-the-mill coop that’s lightweight and easy to install.

The coop has three separate nesting boxes and a small door that opens up into a ramp. It’s not perfect by any means, but you can simply place the coop on the floor, or on a raised level without any issues.

The small vent holes at the sides, and on the corners, cannot be sealed off. As such, insulation can be a problem, especially during the winter.

Difficult to Clean

One of the major drawbacks of this design is that it doesn’t come with an opening that’s large enough to reach inside and clean.

You’ll either have to scrape everything out through the little chicken door (which isn’t that productive) or remove the roof and clean out the base.


  • Reasonable price tag
  • Enough space for 6-8 adult hens
  • 3 Nesting boxes
  • Very easy-to-follow setup instructions


  • Plastic components tend to break very easily
  • Some customers have reported that the door latch can fall apart
  • Difficult to clean the inside without dismantling the roof
  • The roost bar is not very sturdy

Nestera’s Large Ground Chicken Coop

(Predator Proof and Easy to Clean)


  • Capacity: 6-8 adult hens or 12-15 Bantams
  • Weight: 110lbs
  • Roost Bars: Yes, 2
  • Nesting Boxes: Yes, 2
  • Dimensions when Assembled: 30″x55.5″x29.9″

Created from recycled plastic, these Nestera chicken coops are safe, sturdy, and very easy to clean.

From what I can tell, the door is also pretty solid, with an intuitive guillotine-style entrance, making it very easy to open and close (not to mention, automate).

Safest Plastic Chicken Coop?

Considered by many as one of the best predator-proof plastic chicken coops, this Nestera lineup definitely has sturdy wall panels, roofs, and entrances.

So while it’s important, (or most often, necessary) to enclose a regular plastic coop inside a predator-proof chicken run, the Nestera chicken coop tends to be the exception.

However, the guillotine-style door isn’t very heavy and all it takes for a predator to get in is to learn to pull the drawstring (which is a long shot, but a concern nonetheless).

Extra Accessories

All good things aside though, the dropping trays (that go on the base), wheels, and automatic door opener don’t come with the chicken coop and must be purchased separately.

It’s not too big of a problem but I believe the dropping trays should be a given when purchasing the coop.


  • Decent space for 6-8 chickens
  • Easy to install and set up anywhere; no base required
  • Very easy to take apart and clean
  • Lightweight but with sturdy wall panels, roof, and base
  • Adjustable ventilation holes/louvers
  • 2 nesting boxes and roost bars (perches)
  • 25-year guarantee


  • Some users complain the price tag could be a bit better
  • Users have also mentioned that the guillotine-style door can seem a bit dangerous
  • Dropping trays and other accessories must be purchased separately
  • Somewhat heavier than other options
  • Doesn’t handle extreme temperatures very well

Omlet Eglu Cube

(Best Overall)


  • Capacity: Maximum 6-8 adult hens or 8-10 Bantams
  • Weight: 174lbs
  • Roost Bars: Yes, built-in to the base
  • Nesting Boxes: Yes, 3
  • Dimensions when Assembled: 39″x37″x26″

Despite its quirky design, the Omlet Eglu Cube has definitely got to be one of my favorites. If anything, this plastic chicken coop is strong, predator proof and does an amazing job of regulating temperatures inside.

Design and Construction

Designed entirely from recyclable UV-stabilised polyethylene, the Eglu Cube is light, easy to clean, free from red mites, and perfectly safe for your chickens.

On top of that, it’s one of the most durable plastic chicken coops so far. Many homeowners and homesteaders swear by it, going so far as to order multiple and place them couple them together with the compatible fencing kit.

There are three doors on the front, left, and rear. The front door is for the chickens, the sides are for the nesting boxes, and the rear is for cleaning.

The doors are pretty sturdy, and although Omlet doesn’t guarantee it to be 100% predator-proof, it can definitely stop a curious raccoon or coyote.

Plastic Base and Novelty Roost Bar/Floor

The plastic base might be a little slipper for chickens, and the lack of proper roost bars (or perches for those of you across the pond) can be a little concerning.

Instead, the coop floor is slotted evenly, acting as impromptu roost bars for your feathery friends.


  • Spacious nesting boxes
  • Durable and predator-resistant plastic material
  • Easy to move around, especially when coupled with the wheels (purchased separately)
  • Easy to clean and spray it down thanks to the plastic material and slide out poop tray
  • Twin wall insulation keeps chickens comfortable in the winter and summer
  • Raised coop that comes with its own base and chicken ladder


  • Somewhat more expensive than the competition
  • Wheels, automatic door opener, and compatible run need to be purchased separately
  • Users have reported that the floor tends to be slippery; not the safest for baby chicks and pullets
  • The coop would be much better if it was larger and could hold more chickens

Plastic Chicken Coops vs. Metal and Wood

Plastic chicken coops aren’t the norm. That being said, they do boast a few advantages over regular chicken coops or frames made out of metal and wood.

Ease of Use and Mobility

For starters, plastic coops are very easy to clean and handle. I’ve found the plastic material to be relatively safe for chickens (as long as they don’t eat it).

Plastic coops don’t absorb moisture and other bad smells. Cobwebs, dust, and even red mites won’t cling to them so easily and you can simply wash or scrub them out whenever you need to.

Besides that, they are easier to move around and hook up to a small enclosure or chicken run. Options such as the Eglu Cube are the most ideal for this.

Ease of Installation


Plastic chicken coops come pre-cut, making them very easy to assemble and the best option for anybody who doesn’t have a lot of time or DIY skills.

For the majority of the plastic coops I’ve reviewed, I’ve found the installation process to be very simple. No complicated drilling, just snapping parts together.

However, you might have to rely on a rubber mallet, screwdriver, or wrench from time to time, so take note of this as well.

In terms of installation, the Eco FLEX Fontana Chicken Barn is the easiest to set up, thanks to its easy-to-follow instructions and minimal tool requirements.


The plastic material used in these chicken coops require minimal maintenance. So unlike wood or metal, you don’t have to apply a weather coating or anti-corrosive finisher of any kind, simply take it out of the box and put it together.

Besides that, the plastic material on most coops I’ve reviewed is pretty durable and long-lasting. They’ll be able to handle the outdoors pretty easily as long as you don’t subject them to extreme temperatures or stress out the plastic.

So make sure you keep it on level ground and don’t stack anything on the top. This will ensure the plastic remains rigid and keeps your chooks safe and warm inside.

Wrapping Up

From my point of view, plastic chicken coops are the best beginner-safe option for anybody who wants to take it slow and get started with 4-6 chickens or bantams.

They are easy to install, easy to maintain, and safe for your chickens as long as you hook them up to a fully enclosed chicken run.

There are several options to choose from, but I primarily recommend the Omlet Eglu Cube. It’s the most “future-proof” option on this list and a great starting off point for newbies.


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