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5 Best Chicken Coops for 6 Chickens

Chicken math is real, and for beginners who don’t want to fall for it early on, I recommend starting out with chicken coops for 6 chickens.

Six hens are a good option since you’re guaranteed at least a few fresh eggs daily. Also, with a rooster on board, you might also be able to hatch your own chickens and start expanding your flock.

So in this lineup, I’ll introduce 5 of the best pre-fab chicken coops for 6 chickens. Let’s get into it!

(Best Overall)

(Easiest to Clean and Maintain)

(Best Metal Walk-In Chicken Run/Enclosure)

(Most Durable and Predator Proof)

(Best Plastic Option)

5 Best Chicken Coops for 6 Chickens

Apart from my top pick, I’ve included chicken coops with built-in runs, without runs, and a metal enclosure to host both your chickens and a run-less coop.

I’ve carefully gone over these products and made sure they can squeeze in 6 chickens without any issues.

So I highly recommend you read through my review and the pros and cons to get a concrete idea about what you can expect from these chicken coops.

Aivituvin AIR49: Best Overall


  • Capacity: Max 10 Adult Chickens or 15 Bantams
  • Material: Fir Wood
  • Roost Bars: Yes, 2 on the inside and two on the outside
  • Nesting Boxes: Yes, sectioned into 3
  • Dimensions when Assembled: Approx 8.4’x4.2’x4.6′
  • Run Included: Yes, 21sq ft
Chicken coops for 6 chickens

Affordably priced and exquisitely designed, Aivituvin’s AIR49 is my top recommended chicken coop for 6 chickens. It’s a great beginner option and it’s got everything you need to house your hens happily and safely.

Build Quality and Construction

Although fur wood is not the best at handling the elements, it’s light and easy on the eyes. That said, the panels and chicken run are predator-resistant and sturdy enough to keep chickens (or even ducks) inside without any major problems.

The hardware keeping the doors locked, including the hinges and latches, is heavy-duty and well-designed to prevent predators. So unlike other options, you don’t need to rely on carabiners or padlocks to make sure the coop stays shut.

Easy to Clean

There are almost five doors on the coop and run. Besides that, the nesting boxes, roof, and chicken run are laden with doors on the top, making sure you can have easy access to any part of the coop.

This makes cleaning or reaching anywhere inside the coop very convenient.

On top of that (but actually the bottom), you have a slide-out poop tray which makes cleaning a breeze. You only have to pull it out, dump any poop, bedding, or feathers into a compost pile and reinstall it.

The poop tray is lined with a metal floor; poop and feathers don’t cling to it and you can scrub it clean without any worries.

Notable Issues

Unfortunately, the Avituvin AIR49 is not the end-all-be-all solution for six-chickened flocks.

The chicken run is not entirely predator-proof since there can be tiny openings in the ground (when the floor is not level.

Also, a predator apron might be necessary.

Other than that, the softwood fur, the panels are made of, isn’t very durable or weatherproof. I recommend keeping it in a shaded area so that rain and snow won’t degrade it.


  • Easy to assemble; a screwdriver is all you need
  • Affordable price tag
  • Easy to clean thanks to a liftable roof and slide-out metal poop tray
  • Has a decent set of doors, windows, and an adjustable ventilation cover


  • The wood panels are soft and can pick up weather damage, dents, or scratches very easily
  • A predator apron might be necessary to protect the chicken run
  • Not very weather-resistant; best to keep it away from rain and snow

Nestera Penthouse: Easiest to Maintain


  • Capacity: Maximum 8 chickens or 15 Bantams
  • Material: Recycled Plastic
  • Roost Bars: Yes, 2 (23.22″ long)
  • Nesting Boxes: Yes, 2
  • Dimensions when Assembled: 46″x43.5″x52.7″ (with 38.5″ clearance off the ground)
  • Run Included: No

Designed from hundreds of spent shampoo bottles (and other recycled plastic products), the Nestera Penthouse is a sustainable and long-lasting chicken coop for 6 chickens.

Design and Construction

Raised off the ground by around 3.2′, the Penthouse (or Large Raised) variant of these Nestera chicken coops is a safe and sturdy option for your chickens. It comes with a guillotine-style chicken door (that can be automated) and a matching chicken staircase.

There are two nesting boxes, two roost bars, and considerable space for 6 chickens to rest inside, happily.

Durability and Ease of Use

Because of the plastic material, it’s easy to clean and maintain. You don’t have to apply coats and coats of weather-proofing finishing material and you can easily take it apart and pressure wash it down.

Red mites are few and far between and the material doesn’t absorb any bad odors.

Also, Nestera swears by its durability and promises a 25-year warranty.


However, unlike my top pick, the Nestera Large Raised chicken coop tends to be a bit pricier and you need to purchase poop trays and matching chicken runs separately.

Also, because it’s got a staircase and not a ramp, it’s not safe for baby chickens and hen mothers.


  • Long-lasting plastic material
  • Shelter space underneath the coop
  • Easy to clean, move, and maintain
  • Simple installation
  • 25-year warranty


  • The door is not very safe or sturdy
  • Not recommended for baby chicks
  • Somewhat pricier than the competition
  • Poop trays, chicken run, wheels, and auto door controller need to be purchased separately

TOETOL Metal Chicken Run: Best Metal Chicken Run


  • Capacity: 10-15 adult chickens or 15-20 Bantams
  • Material: Steel and PVC-coated chicken wire
  • Roost Bars: No
  • Nesting Boxes: No
  • Dimensions when Assembled: 6.5′ x 9.8′ x 6.5′ (3′ tall at the sides)
  • Run Included: Yes

Despite needing minor modifications, the TOETOL Metal enclosure is a decent option for anybody who needs to hustle up a chicken run to hold a good amount of backyard chickens.

Design and Construction

This metal run/enclosure comes in an A-frame (or spire) shape and includes a metal door, waterproof cover, and PVC-coated hardware cloth. It’s not the strongest option per se, but it’s durable, lightweight, and easy to move around.

The entire kit comes with the hardware cloth and cable ties required to wrap them around the steel frame. This makes installation pretty straightforward although some users have questioned the quality of the hardware cloth and the cable ties.

Additional Modifications Needed

Since this is still a metal enclosure, you need to house a chicken coop inside the run and ensure the run is predator-proof.

Since the door is only 24″ wide it’s also going to be difficult to bring tools and materials inside the run, so I recommend building or assembling the chicken coop first and then assembling the metal enclosure around it.


  • A-Frame design that comes with a waterproof cover
  • Easy to install with only a few tools required
  • Includes a door frame, complete with a screen door and lock


  • The side walls are only 3ft tall
  • Must be placed on level ground (otherwise the feet will leave gaps in)
  • The included chicken wire is not very strong
  • Some users have reported broken or bent parts on arrival

OverEZ Classic Medium: Most Durable and Predator-Proof


  • Capacity: 10 adult chickens or 15 Bantams
  • Material: Pressure-treated wood
  • Roost Bars: Yes, 2
  • Nesting Boxes: Yes, 3
  • Dimensions when Assembled: 50-1/4″ L x 52-1-2″ W x 62-1/4″H
  • Run Included: Yes
OverEZ Classic Medium

The OverEZ Classic Medium chicken coop definitely brings out that rustic barn vibe with the red paint and white trims.

Capacity and Construction

However, it’s not just for looks as this medium-sized coop is durable, sturdy, and can support a maximum of 10 adult chickens with extra room for a few baby chicks.

The entire chicken house is made of pressure-treated lumber and comes with most of the hardware pieces pre-installed.

I especially prefer the turn-style handle latches installed for the nesting boxes and chicken door. These are easy to grab hold of and lock/unlock with one hand; a great addition for when you need to close the nesting boxes with one hand while carrying eggs in the other.

The inside of the roof has silver insulation and vents that maintain airflow during the summer but still keep your chooks inside warm come winter.

Ease of Setup

Another standout feature of this somewhat “Heavy-Duty” OverEZ Medium Chicken Coop is its easy assembly.

Surprisingly enough, all you need is a screwdriver and 30 minutes of your time. The package includes all the necessary hardware and clear instructions, making it a hassle-free setup process.

However, because it’s made of wood, shipping can be a hassle and several customers have reported minor damage during transit. Nothing too major, but little chips and scratches that can take away (or add) to it’s rustic aesthetic.


  • Pressure-treated lumber with a sturdy construction
  • More than enough space for 6+ chickens
  • Good ventilation and insulation to handle both weather extremes
  • Easy to install and set up


  • Extremely pricier than other products
  • The screen door will need to be predator-proofed
  • Customers have reported several instances of damage during shipping
  • Somewhat difficult to clean inside

SnapLock Large Chicken Coop: Best Plastic-Style Coop


  • Capacity: 10 adult chickens or 15 Bantams
  • Material: Plastic
  • Roost Bars: Yes, 3
  • Nesting Boxes: Yes, 4 (two on each side)
  • Dimensions when Assembled: 64″ L x 39″ W x 42″H
  • Run Included: No
SnapLock Plastic Chicken Coop

When it comes to lightweight and durable housing for six chickens, the SnapLock Large is an amazing future-proof option.

Design and Construction

As the name suggests, the Snaplock Large comes with several plastic pieces that are designed to easily snap together. You don’t have to drill or drive any screws; push everything into place with your hands or with the help of a rubber mallet.

The coop includes everything you need to house six chickens safely. There’s adjustable ventilation, roosting bars, nesting boxes, and a chicken door with all the hardware pre-installed.

Ease of Maintenance

The plastic coop is easy to clean as well. You can simply take out the poop trays at the bottom and replace them with bedding as needed. Additionally, you can take it apart and hose it down without worrying about rot or any other issues.

Also, since it’s made of plastic, there’s a good chance it won’t be infected with red mites.


  • 4 Nesting boxes
  • Easy to install and set up
  • Includes adjustable roost bars
  • More than enough space for 6 chickens
  • Easy to clean base


  • Plastic is not the most sturdy and can deform during the long term or extreme temperatures
  • Plastic base can be slippery for chickens and baby chicks
  • The ground needs to be perfectly level to ensure the base is flush and predator-proof
  • You will need to place the coop inside a run for maximum protection


6 Chickens can be a decent starting point for beginner backyard chicken keepers. You’re guaranteed at least 3 eggs a day, as long as they don’t go broody all at once.

In keeping up with that, I recommend the Aivituvin AIR49 as the best option for housing six chickens. It’s easy to maintain and you get a chicken run right out of the box.

Alternatively, the Nestera penthouse, although somewhat expensive, it’s very secure and easy to maintain.


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